Thursday, June 25, 2009

Woo Fung and Tang Pik Wan in 1954

Featured above is the cover of movie synopsis - Love's Sad Ending (1954) ,a production of the notable cantonese Studio in 50s - Tai Seng.

The original chinese movie title was an excerpt of an ancient Chinese poem. though might seem abit simplsitic in its official English title, but literally it actually means "amourously sentimental always voided with endless regrets" (after cracking my head for sometime, and this is the best I could get :( ), I suppose is a tragic love story then~~

Arrh, forget about the long winded title,look at the cover, such a vivdly captivating photo, but who is the actor and actress on the cover?

They are Woo Fung and Tang Pik Wan in 1954. Woo was 22, while Tang was 28 at that time.

I first knew them when I was still a child in 80s, spending lots of time watching Hong Kong TV series, before I came to learnt their glorious past in golden age of cinema.

Well, both of them have very long running career,

for Tang Pik Wan, her career started from Cantonese opera stage in early 40s, then silver screen, and then TV, most notably for her character as "Madam Ma Da", only force to put a halt when she passed away in early 1991.

while for Woo Fung, whom was the new actor brought up by Tai Seng studio in early 50s, still occasionally can be seen in Hong Kong TV series even after 2000.

it has been almost 20 years Tang Pik Wan passed away, and is also has been quite awhile since I last saw Woo Fung in TV, hope he is in the pink of health.


duriandave said...

Wu Fung is one of my favorite actors. Whether he's doing tragedy or comedy, he can't be beat. He looks so handsome here.

And while Tang Bik-wan's features are too strong and "imperfect" to classify her as a standard beauty, I must confess that I've always found her very sexy.

It's interesting to see in this photo a reversal of the usual coupling of the older man and younger woman.

oldflames said...

Tang Pik Wan and Zheng Pik Ying are both the darlings of the Cantonese screen and opera scene.

The Big Pik and The Small Pik...what a cool combo..

gaohui said...

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